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Essay – The Illiterate Of The 21st Century

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❶They have so many conditions and aspirations with regards to their learning process. The managers of the future require a different set of skills based on the functioning of the right-brain like holistic or systems thinking, intuitive problem-solving and value-driven decision-making.

In the coming days of the 21st century where a surgeon could sit in his place and just by pressing keys perform surgery getting assistance from the robot. The recent success by the scientists in human gene mapping has marked another grand success in the field of medical science.

Scientists now believe that it would be possible to have absolute treatment for diseases like cancer or AIDS in our coming days. Like polio or pox, many other diseases would also be completely eradicated from our life. However, in the time of overall human health management, there remain many shortfalls. Inequality in human health security is a big defeat for medical science.

High cost now becomes a factor where the rich can only afford to get specialised medical facilities. For the poor, better medical facilities are still a distant dream.

Large number of children still is dying of malnutrition in many African countries. Every day, more than women die all over the world in problems related to pregnancy and childbirth.

In our country malaria and tuberculosis still cost large number of deaths. In many places, villagers nave still to depend on quacks since they cannot afford modern medical treatment. What we now need is equality in terms of health care facilities. Let's hope we achieve this goal in the coming days of the 21st century. In the field of space science, there has been success beyond imagination. Once people dreamt of getting the moon in their hands.

And today after stepping into the moon they are now dreaming of making holiday resorts at moon. Success achieved in mission Mars has thrown new light on the possibility of life in other planets. Grand success achieved in space science has now led to spectacular achievements in the field of communications like E-mail, Internet, ISD system, mobile Tele system, fax etc.

Recent revolution in TV broadcasting is also due to grand success achieved in the Space science. In transport, air service system has already created revolution turning the world into an area of only a few hours of journey. Supersonic jets are now under trial, which would give fastest ever transport facilities.

Railway system of transportation has achieved steep heights. Japan has already created history by introducing fastest ever electronic railway engine. Gradual decrease of conventional fuels like petroleum or coal has now led people to find out non-conventional fuel resources. A vehicle driven with solar energy is already under trial.

Solar energy would be the mains source of fuel in future, which would also be eco-friendly. In the field of agriculture also, people's efforts have led to tremendous achievements. Green revolution has created history all over the world Biotechnology has helped hybridization where scientists have come out with success in producing advanced varieties of high-yielding, disseat resistance or drought-resistance seeds.

With the assistance of satellites meteorological science has got new boost-up with early prediction of proper time management or water management for better cultivation. As has been reported scientists in Britain recently created a type of insect the can kill any other type of crop destructing pests. In the coming days man new evolutions are in the line which, would make possible even evolution are in the line which would make possible even better crop management.

In the field of nuclear science, scientists have already developed fission technology to produce greater energy. They have already learnt to produce nuclear energy from high-powered radioactive elements like plutonium, thorium or uranium. In the wake of decreasing stock of non-renewable sources, people have even learnt of making artificial radioactive material India's Kamini Research Reactor has already set example using "Uranium "; a man-made fissionable material derived from thorium, as fuel.

Efforts have been continued to harness fusion of hydrogen atom. In the coming days of the 21st century, scientists would certainly come out with success trapping large amount of energy from fusion of hydrogen atoms, to be used in useful purposes. Success of science and technology is tremendous. We have already achieved a lot and there is lot more to be achieved in the coming days. They try to learn more and more things. For example, if someone not able to read the national anthem, he learnt it by heart but now this practice is not anymore.

The modern technologies of this century have snatched the power of learning from people. They are not trying to improve this deficiency because now they have a different resource to fill this.

For example, computers, phones, calculators and much more such type of things those are helpful to remember anything forever. This essay narrated that what are the main reasons for becoming dull as well with illiteracy and why it is increasing day by day.

In my opinion, I totally agree with this statement. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Our world is changing, and in order to prepare our children for this new world we need to change the way we educate them. In the 21st century educators must create a curriculum that will help students connect with the world and understand the issues that our world faces.

Schools in the 21st century will become nerve centers, a place for teachers and students to connect with those around them and their community. Teachers in this new environment will become less instructors and more orchestrators of information, giving children the ability to turn knowledge into wisdom. In order to educate in the 21st century, teachers and administrators need to cultivate and maintain the student's interest in the material by showing how this knowledge applies in the real world.

They must also try to increase their student's curiosity, which will help them become lifelong learners. Next they should be flexible with how they teach and give learners the resources to continue learning outside of school. There are many skills that children will need in order to be successful in the 21st century.

Here are a few of the most important 21st century skills:.

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